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Donation Process


  • Credit/Debit card donations are serviced by GrowFund. 

  • Your tax receipt will be provided by GrowFund and our selected charity..

  • After each meeting, the 100 Women Who Care Leadership Team will instruct GrowFund to deliver our collective donation to our selected charity.

  • A processing fee of $4 is charged by Growfund. To ensure your full $100 donation is provided to the selected charity, we ask that you cover this fee by selecting the checkbox "I'd like to cover all transaction fees so 100% of my donation goes to charity."

  • The GrowFund donation page will suggest you setup an online account.  This is not required to submit your donation.

Important Reminder Virtual Events:
When registering, please enter the email address we should use to send the Zoom link for our meeting to you.


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