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Nominating a Charity

  • Charities under consideration must serve the greater Boston area 

  • Charities not selected will go back into the "hat" for consideration at future meetings.

  • A previously selected charity is not eligible for future consideration but the nominating member may submit the name of another charity.

  • The recipient charity must agree not to give out member information to any third party except for tax purposes.

  • Ready to nominate a charity? Great! Here are some details that would be beneficial to share at our meeting if your charity is randomly selected.

    • What is the name of the charity?

    • Where is the charity located?

    • What is the mission of the charity and what does it mean to you?

    • What is the annual operating budget of the charity? (i.e., how much of an impact will $10,000 have?)

    • How will the organization benefit from the donation?

    • How did you learn about the charity?

    • Can the charity issue tax receipts? Is the charity a registered 501(3)-C?

    • Will someone from this charity be willing to speak at the next meeting to share how our group donations was used?

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