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Immigrant Family Services Institute


In February 2024, we kicked of 2024 strong and together raised over $10,100 for Immigrant Family Services.

The mission of Immigrant Family Services (IFSI) is to center the voice of immigrants and expedite their successful integration into the social and economic fabric of the United States with justice and dignity. 

Their vision is inspired by a humanist vision of global solidarity and peace. They aim to address the needs and aspirations of recently arrived immigrants by being a leading institute for direct service programming, thought leadership, coalition building and advocacy.

IFSI focuses on the spectrum of immigrant needs from vital essentials to success enhancers using a holistic approach serving infants to the elderly.  Their multifaceted programs and services ensure that once basic needs like food and shelter are met, participants are poised to embrace opportunities at the heart of IFSI’s mission, achieved through three guiding pillars of integration, education and advocacy. By attending to health and wellness and fostering aspirations through education, workforce development and advocacy programs, individuals and families are empowered toward upward social and economic mobility, pathways to achieving integration, equity and inclusion.

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