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In June 2020 in response to Covid-19, we held our first virtual event and together nominated, discussed and selected uAspire to receive our collective donation of over $4,000. uAspire is a nonprofit organization ensuring that all young people have the financial information and resources necessary to find an affordable path to and through college. 

When sharing our donation with uAspire, we learned that though Massachusetts boasts one of the most educated workforces in the nation, the state’s wage divide is widening. In 2020, 72 percent of Massachusetts jobs will require some higher education, yet rising costs keep college out of reach for the state’s low-income students who are 26 percent less likely to enroll in college than their higher-income peers. 

To close these gaps and to give all students equitable access to high-quality post secondary opportunities, uAspire brings college affordability advising to six communities in MA including Boston, Cambridge, Fall River, Malden, Lawrence, Somerville, supporting over 9,000 students.

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