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It's simple. We gather. We vote. We donate.

Become a member

  • Each member commits to donating $100 per quarterly event ($400 per year)

  • A membership agreement is completed and a quarterly donation of $100 is established with our service provider Grapevine.

  • Interested in attending an event before you commit to a quarterly donation? We understand, learn more.

Nominate a charity

  • All members are encouraged to nominate a charity from the greater Boston area. View guidelines for appropriate charities.

  • Members may nomination at a charity at any time via an online form.

  • All nominated charities are captured in a "hat" for consideration at a future meeting.

  • Two weeks prior to each event, three charities are selected at random for discussion at our next meeting.

  • Members linked with the nominated charities, are notified that their charity will be discussed. Members may bring a guest to help support their presentation of the charity.

Join a quarterly event

  • Events are open to members and their guests

  • Once a quarterly event is scheduled, members are notified of the planned date and location; we ask members to RSP for each event via our online form.

  • Events are conducted in two hours or less.

  • At each event the charity selected at our previous meeting is invited to join us and provide an update on how our donated funds benefited the non-profit's mission.

  • The nominating members of the three randomly selected charities make a brief, informal presentation (no PowerPoint) about the organization to the group.  Members may invite a member of the charitable organization to join them for their presentation.

  • After our three presentations are complete, we vote and select our next donation recipient.   Members unable to attend an event may vote via email. Guests are not eligible to vote. 

  • All donations are awarded to the selected charity for a total group donation of $10,000 or more.

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