Broad Reach and Growing Impact


The first 100 Women Who Care group was formed in November 2006 by Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Michigan, USA. 


At their first one-hour meeting, the Jackson 100 Women Who Care group raised $10,000 to buy 300 new baby cribs for an organization in their city. Their membership has now grown to nearly 300 members and other cities across United States and Canada are forming groups.

The most current list of known chapters is kept up-to-date by our lately-formed 100 Who Care Alliance here.

Boston Chapter

In January 2017, Susan Roberts and Lindsay Callahan, inspired by the growing program, decided to start the Boston chapter of 100 Women Who Care. In 2021, Ann Marie Henke joined our leadership team.  For more information on the Boston chapter, contact us at We look forward to seeing you at our next event!