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May 9, 2017 Inaugural Event

The inaugural meeting of 100 Women Who Care Boston was

a great success!  Many thanks to all members that joined us
this important event. 


We reached our goal of $10,000 in donations!


  • Total donation gathered:  $10,000                      

  • Donating Members: 100

  • Members attending event:  74 (26 members donated
    but were unable to attend event)

Evening Overview

  • Each Member committed to donating $100 

  • We gathered at Central Wharf in downtown Boston

  • Being sensitive to busy schedules, we conducted our event in 1 hour

  • Members had an opportunity to nominate charities to receive our group donation

  • Three nominations were selected at random and presented to the group

  • Nominated charities included:

  • Members voted

  • One Summit, nominated by Kara Tierney, was selected to receive our first donation


We delivered our $10,000 donation to One Summit the following week, see photos and video.

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