Covid-19 will not stop us!  We meet virtually and together make an impact on our community.

Register and donate

  • Registration and donation is required in advance.

  • Only donating members will be allowed to join the meeting and nominate a charity.

  • Due to the virtual nature of our event, we are only able to accept credit/debit donations.

Access the live video meeting

  • After registration and donation, participants will receive a link to join the meeting.

  • This meeting link will be specific to the registered user and cannot be shared.

  • We will be leveraging Zoom technology.

  • Instructions will be provided with the meeting link for those participants that are not familiar with Zoom.

Nominate a charity

  • We are targeting small, local non-profits in the greater Boston area. See further info.

  • Registered participants will receive an email soliciting nominations.

  • Nominations will be gathered in advance to enable an efficient video meeting.

  • Three nominations will be selected at random at the start of our live event.

Select our next donation recipient

  • The three charities selected at random at the start of our meeting will be discussed during our meeting; nominating members must be present at the meeting for their charity to be considered.

  • The nominating participant will be asked to share background on the charity. See further info.

  • We will vote and select the next recipient of our collective donation at our meeting. 

Hear from past donation recipients

  • At each meeting we will invite the donation recipient from our last meeting to join us.

  • Donation recipients will share additional info on their organization and highlight how our donation benefited their cause.


Meet some fabulous women

  • Despite the virtual nature of our meeting, there will still be an opportunity to meet other participants.

  • Throughout the meeting we will hold small group "break out" sessions to enable discussion and meeting of members.

  • Topics will cover a wide variety of areas.  Send us your ideas!

Questions?  Email us at